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Marbles AI® is Quantum Gaming's pioneering AI game - a multiplayer simulation game centered around state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI). In this game, you take on the task of training simulated life forms - the Marbles - in various scenarios.

The first level is a cooking simulation in which you manage a restaurant where your Marble works. You show your Marble how to prepare tasty dishes and how to serve customers. Your Marble will then do this for you to the best of their understanding, but it is up to you to gradually shape her behavior. You can build and optimize your restaurant in level 1, while in multiplayer you have to prove yourself against other restaurants in order to attract as many customers as possible.

We will release more levels with future updates.

Public Beta Version

The game will soon be released as an open beta! More info will follow here soon!

Sneak peak...


About the production of Marbles AI

Marbles AI® has been in development since 2018. We build our AI on award-winning and promising basic research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and align it with the requirements of gamers.

The concept and vision of Marbles AI® are shaped by the teaching and research project "Mario AI" with which our founder was involved in research and teaching at the University of Tübingen for several years, and which gained international recognition in 2015 (see the video). We also incorporate his award-winning research in the field of neural networks and social intelligence as well as numerous other relevant cognitive science and psychological studies into the development of our AI.

Marbles AI and the jointly developed general game AI framework brAIn engine were developed with the help of the German Computer Games Grant of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and awarded and funded by the Innovation Grant of the Excellence Initiative of the University of Tübingen.

We are trying to do nothing less than create something completely new with Marbles AI®. There has never been a game for the masses that uses such an ambitious cognitive architecture to control its characters. Not without reason: the technical hurdles are a huge challenge that we at Quantum Gaming are taking on with the help of our supporters.

Read a post about the history and future of game AI here.

See our teaser from 12/2021: The life of a Marble

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