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Marbles AI - Roll smart!

A game that learns from you using modern AI? We are developing it right now!

The Quantum Gaming team is excited to announce its pioneer AI mobile game:

The game that learns from you.

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A Marble starts out with no knowledge about her own body, her environment, the rules of the game, or other game characters in a 3D game world with simulated physics. She will be clumsy at first, make many mistakes and be subject to errors, but she can always improve. Your task is to help her, succeed together and give her a great life in a huge open world!

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Where Science Meets Gaming

Welcome to Quantum Gaming -- Where Science Meets Gaming

We develop cutting edge AI by academic standards and make it ready for your every-day use in games.

Recent breakthroughs in articial intelligence are based on insights of cognitive sciences, resulting in opportunities for several industries. As opposed to this, game AI is still pragmatic and rulebased. It imitates the results of human intelligence, but not the intelligence itself. Our challenge is to change that!

We want to give rise to entirely new concepts of games and gameplay by integrating modern AI into games.


Less Artificial, more Intelligent?

Future AI will be superhuman? How about be more humanlike...

We think of next generation AI as a model of human cognition, not as a super powerful calculator. Our software is equipped with desires and dispositions to learn. It is not equipped with prior knowledge about its task. It is not pretrained on terrabytes of data gathered in millions of hours worked. In fact, it is not trained at all.

Our brAIn engine discovers the world when it is activated. It actively and autonomously forms experiences through its surroundings, understands step by step its influence and scope of action and thus becomes an individual. In a certain sense, brAIn engine can be considered a synthetic lifeform.

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