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What is Marbles AI?

Marbles AI® is a multiplayer open-world life simulation game with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI). You take charge of training simulated life forms in this game - the Marbles.

A Marble starts out with no knowledge of its own body, its environment, the rules of the game, or other game characters in a physically realistic game world. It will be clumsy at first, make many mistakes and be subject to errors, but it can always improve. Your task is to help it and succeed together with it!

What will your Marble be able to do in the end? We don't know either, because it depends on you!

Marbles AI® is currently in development. In-game footage and more info will follow soon.

Target release date: "When it's done!" (2022)

About the production of Marbles AI

Marbles AI® has been in development since 2018. We build our AI on award-winning and promising basic research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and align it with the requirements of gamers.

The concept and vision of Marbles AI® are influenced by the teaching and research project "Mario AI" which was led at the University of Tübingen at the Chair of Neurocognitive Modeling by our founder and gained international prominence in 2015 (see the video). Furthermore, we bring his award-winning research in neural networks and social intelligence as well as numerous other relevant cognitive science and psychological studies to the development of our AI.

Currently, we receive the German Computer Games Grant from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and have previously been awarded and funded by the Innovation Grant of the Excellence Initiative of the University of Tübingen for the Marbles AI® project.

We are attempting nothing less than to create something entirely new with Marbles AI®. There has never been a game for the masses that uses such an ambitious cognitive architecture to control its characters. Not without reason: the technical hurdles pose a formidable challenge that we at Quantum Gaming, with the help of our supporters, are rising to.

Read a post about the history and future of gaming AI here.

Support us!

Marbles AI® is a hybrid project of fundamental research and game industry which has to overcome many obstacles. As a fresh startup without significant revenues we need support from people who believe in our vision.

Marbles AI® is available on Kickstarter soon! Roll smart and help us realize the project!


Stay informed!

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Marbles AI Press Kit

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